Asus Serviceable Parts

Asus Mobile Screen Display Repair:

Cracked your LCD? Or dropped your mobile into the water? No need to worry, Screen Repair and replacement services are available for all Asus models at Spot Service. We provide a range of mobile repair service to ensure proper functionality and longer durability of your precious mobile phones. Most common Asus phones screens can be replaced within 30 minutes and free screen protection is available with any Asus phone Repair service.

Asus Mobile Battery Replacement:

Battery problems can happen almost without warning, and if you’re caught without jump cables or a battery charger, you could be left stranded. If you have a problem with your battery, Spot Service Expert will help you to get back from this issues. We offer a huge range of batteries to suit almost every make and model of Asus mobile. The repair pricing for batteries are the most reasonable in Spot Service. Along side we also use high-quality parts during the replacement service.

Asus Mobile Charging Port Repair:

If your Asus phone is not charging, it may be possible that the charging port itself is fine, but your charging regulator is damaged instead. We can easily replace your charging port. Charging Port issue symptoms may include connectivity failure with other devices or charging only proceeds while holding the adapter in a specific manner. Whether the phone is not charging at all because the pins are damaged/loose inside the phone, or if there is no power at all and it is completely dead to a point where the phone is not functional, We have the correct parts in stock ready for repair. We only use genuine manufacturer parts to replacement.

Asus Mobile Speaker Repair:

If your Asus phone loudspeaker speaker has encountered loss of sound or the sound quality is damaged, our trained technicians will repair or replace the loudspeaker, fully test it and then return your mobile phone in excellent working condition. Our expert technicians can get your speakers working again. Repair services are built on reliability and trustworthiness. The centre will process all in-warranty and out-of-warranty services on the spot, with the option for customers to pre-book online.

Asus Mobile Motherboard Repair:

We have the most extensive experience and skills and offer all repairs from simple screen replacements to Logic board level advanced IC and connector replacements. Our trained and experienced technicians can repair any problem you can throw at them. At Spot Service our technicians are extremely knowledgeable in all Asus repairs. Our technicians are more than capable of restoring your Asus back into all its flashy glory since the time you first bought it.

Asus Mobile Camera Repair:

If you have scratched, damaged or cracked your front or rear camera lens, we can replace the glass separately without having to remove the original camera component. Whether the phone camera is not working at all due to a failed part inside the phone, or if the lens is scratched or cracked so that the picture is distorted, we have the correct parts in stock ready for repair. We have highly skilled engineers that have been repairing phones for years, and Asus repairs are no problem. This repair will save you up to 3 times the price of a professional or manufacturer repair, and give you the personal satisfaction of fixing your Asus mobile.